Student Course Guidelines

Student Course Guidelines

This is a highly structured certification course with training content designed to prepare you for passing the CCNA exam. The best strategy is to complete this course and then enroll in CCNA pre-exam practice tests. Registered students have a 50% discount link on practice tests in the final lecture.

The following are guidelines for you to get the most from this course.

  • Complete all lectures including the CCNA course review section.
  • Start from the first lecture and complete all assigned items.
  • Do not skip any lectures since some have important study notes.
  • Mark each lecture complete when done to track your progress.
  • Comment field is available for any instructor questions.
  • Recommend students access via desktop for optimal readability.
  • Enroll in CTS practice tests with Learning Mode exam prep.

Course Summary Content

  • 10 hours on-demand videos 
  • 57 student practice labs 
  • 32 downloadable resources 
  • 18 learning quizzes
  • 3 whiteboard smart sheets
  • 550+ power flashcards
  • Access on Teachable iOS App (optional)

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