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CiscoNet Solutions is a certification training provider that has helped 30,000+ students study for Cisco certification. Cisco training expert with 25+ years of enterprise IT experience, data centers and multiple Cisco spotlight awards. The step-by-step approach includes online courses, lab training, practice tests, and study tools. Go to for exam updates.

Course Description

Cisco has made significant changes to the new CCNP certification. You will have to pass two exams to become Cisco certified. There is an Enterprise Core (ENCOR) foundational exam and a concentration exam.

Prepare with complete practice tests designed for candidates that want to attain the new CCNP certification. Each practice test includes typical CCNP exam level questions. Know what to expect and prepare yourself for exam day.

Complete your certification training with CCNP practice tests and pass the exam on first attempt. In fact, experienced candidates often pass CCNP with only practice tests for a study plan.

Course Highlights

• Complete pre-exam test suite designed to prepare you for CCNP exam.

• Study and prepare with 300+ exam level practice questions.

CCNP real exam simulation with the same scoring and topic percentage.

Learning mode review with detailed explanations to align your knowledge.

The best strategy to passing CCNP exam is the right information instead of more information. Learn with a study plan that is 100% Cisco approved syllabus.

What you'll learn

Fabric Architecture: SD Access, SD-WAN, LISP, VXLAN, Underlays

Cloud Virtualization: Virtual Machines, VRF, GRE, IPsec VPN

Routing Protocols: OSPF, EIGRP, External BGP, PIM, HSRP, VRRP

Wireless: RF Concepts, Roaming, Discovery, Architecture, Modes

Network Assurance: SNMP, Syslog, Debug, IP SLA, NetFlow

Enterprise Security: ACLs, Wireless Protocols, Encryption, MACsec

Network Automation: DNA Center, REST API, JSON, Python, EEM

Complete your training and readiness for the new CCNP/CCIE enterprise exam. Learn from easy to understand explanations provided with full test review. CCNP practice tests are designed to verify your knowledge and estimate how you would score on the actual exam.

Learn by Testing

The purpose of practice tests is to prepare you for the real exam. Cisco CCNP Enterprise practice tests are based on Learn by Testing method to prepare students for CCNP exam. There is a Learning Mode review with detailed explanations to teach and align student knowledge. This provide the best results for any certification study plan. There is significant quality control to guarantee test questions and answers are updated and correct.

Fabric Architecture


CCNP Certification Practice Tests