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CiscoNet Solutions is a certification training provider that has helped thousands of students worldwide study for CCNA certification. Cisco training expert with 25+ years of experience, author, and multiple Cisco spotlight awards. The integrated learning system includes online courses, hands-on lab training, practice tests, study tools, and test-taking skills.

Course Description

Prepare with complete practice tests designed for candidates that want to attain the new CCNA 200-301 certification. Each timed practice test includes typical CCNA exam questions.

Know what to expect and prepare yourself for exam day. Complete your certification training with 400+ exam-level practice questions and pass the CCNA on first attempt. The best strategy and key to passing CCNA exam is the right information instead of more information. Learn with a study plan that is 100% Cisco approved syllabus.

Course Highlights

Complete pre-exam test suite designed to prepare you 100% for CCNA.

Study and prepare with 400+ exam level questions to score your best.

Practice with CCNA test simulation questions and pass on first attempt.

Cisco performance-based lab questions similar to the real exam.

CCNA whiteboard exclusive study prep tool for easy exam day review.

550+ exclusive Flashcards included on all topics to get primed and ready.

Learn how to answer exam questions like an expert with tips and tricks.

Learning mode review with detailed answers that will align your knowledge.

What you'll learn... 

Complete your training and readiness for CCNA 200-301. Learn from easy to understand detailed explanations that are provided with learning mode test review. Cisco CCNA 200-301 practice tests are designed to verify your knowledge and estimate how you would score on the actual exam. 

• Network Topologies, Subnetting, IPv6, Wireless RF, Virtualization

• Frame Switching, MAC Learning, VLANs, Trunking, EtherChannel

• Rapid PVST+, CDP, LLDP, Wireless Architectures, HTTPS, SSH

• Route Selection, OSPFv2, Static Routing, Default Routing, FHRP

• DHCP, DNS, NAT, NTP, SNMP, System Logging, QoS, TFTP, FTP

• Cyber Security, ACLs, Port Security, DHCP Snooping, WPA2, AAA

• SDN Controllers, Overlays, Fabric, REST APIs, JSON, Puppet, DNAC

Student Testimonials

"Thanks for these exam sets Shaun, I just passed my CCNA and these question sets are instrumental to fill in gaps. Best of luck to my fellow students!" - Kevin Quiniano

"The practice tests were excellent, without this I think was impossible to pass the exam. The principal object of having the pressure, reading key parts, thinking fast was very good, at least for me. Thanks" - Angel Bello Arteaga

"These tests are super helpful for preparing. Initially I was demotivated as I was getting 55-65 in each tests but the explanations were really good. High difficulty level is what is great about these tests because CCNA was difficult too. Finally passed my CCNA." - Amarjeet Sehrawat

"Passed my CCNA exam and I must say, these questions are perfect, they were extremely helpful. It helped me with little bits of crucial information here and there that you may miss in the text book. This is hands down recommend for exam prep." - Jonathan

"I just passed the CCNA exam :). These questions really helped in preparation. At first I was not scoring good in the practice tests but for each question I missed I reviewed it extensively and researched more questions about it. This is a very good course as it covers all topics well." - Dennis Tomno

"I passed the CCNA exam and these practice tests were instrumental in that. And when I had a question, Shaun was very responsive and helpful." - Katina Barnett

"Passed CCNA 200-301 thanks to these exams and Boson Ex-Sim. Questions are just the right difficulty and the explanations are great for understanding the "whole" concept and not just parts." - Jonathan Williams

"Doing these exams Helped me pass the exam" - Joseph Nichols

Student Testimonials

CCNA 200-301 Pre-Exam Practice Tests has many 5-star reviews from students studying for CCNA certification. The purpose of practice tests is to prepare you for the real exam and align your knowledge, It is referred to as Learn by Testing and provides the best results for any Cisco certification study plan.