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CCNA 200-301 Practice Tests (2023)

Prepare with complete practice tests designed for candidates that want to attain the new CCNA 200-301 certification. Each timed practice test includes typical CCNA exam questions.

Know what to expect and prepare 100% for CCNA certification. Complete your CCNA training with 400+ exam-level practice questions and pass on first attempt. The best strategy for passing the CCNA exam is the right information instead of more information. Practice with performance-based lab questions recently added to the CCNA exam and exclusive to Teachable course.

Course Highlights

Complete pre-exam test suite designed to prepare you 100% for CCNA.

Study and prepare with 400+ exam level questions to score your best.

Practice with performance-based lab questions similar to the real exam.

CCNA whiteboard exclusive study prep tool for easy exam day review.

550+ exclusive Flashcards included on all topics to get primed and ready.

Learn how to answer exam questions like an expert with tips and tricks.

Learning mode review with detailed answers that align your knowledge.

Practice tests are updated regularly to align with current CCNA exam.

What You'll Learn

Complete your training and readiness for CCNA 200-301. Learn from easy to understand detailed explanations that are provided with learning mode test review. Cisco CCNA 200-301 practice tests are designed to verify your knowledge and prepare you to pass the exam. 

Network Topologies, Subnetting, IPv6, Wireless RF, Virtualization

Frame Switching, MAC Learning, VLANs, Trunking, EtherChannel

Rapid PVST+, CDP, LLDP, Wireless Architectures, HTTPS, SSH

Route Selection, OSPFv2, Static Routing, Default Routing, FHRP

DHCP, DNS, NAT, NTP, SNMP, System Logging, QoS, TFTP, FTP

Cyber Security, ACLs, Port Security, DHCP Snooping, WPA2, AAA

SDN Controllers, Overlays, Fabric, REST APIs, JSON, Puppet, DNAC

CCNA 200-301 FAQs

There are a significant number of new topics including automation, wireless, and cyber security. That is attributed to the popularity of wireless connectivity, cloud and SDN architecture. You will notice keywords such as describe, explain, and compare that are used in the official exam syllabus. There are traditional configuration core topics and new performance-based labs recently announced.

Number of Questions: 100

Duration: 120 minutes

Pass Score: 825/1000 (82%)

Cost: 300 USD

Question Types: multiple choice, drag and drop, performance-based labs

CCNA Question Types

1. Multiple Choice questions have only a single correct answer that you must select from multiple options.

2. Multiple Selection questions ask you to select more than one correct answer from multiple options.

3. Drag and Drop questions require you to match a list of items such as protocols for example with the correct description.

4. Performance-Based Labs are similar to the older simulation labs with multiple questions pertaining to configuration and analyzing output from show commands.

5. Unscored questions on the exam are not listed with the official CCNA syllabus. They are for research purposes only, and do not count toward your final score.

Whiteboard Study Tool

CCNA whiteboard here is an essential study review to do your best. The exam whiteboard should include subnetting table, binary conversion table, IOS commands, port numbers, wireless, SDN, route selection, AD values, OSPFv2, ACLs, Cisco default settings and other key study notes for the new exam.

Student Testimonials

CCNA 200-301 Pre-Exam Practice Tests has many 5-star reviews from students studying for CCNA certification. The purpose of practice tests is to prepare you for the real exam and align your knowledge, It is referred to as Learn by Testing and provides the best results for any Cisco certification study plan.